About the Tango Masters

Manuela Rossi & Juan Malizia

They are Champion of Stage Tango in World Tango Championship 2014. Many people also know them from the movie “Un tango más (Our Last Tango)” as Juan acted the young version of Legendary Juan Carlos Copes, and Manuela as one of the leading actresses. They are not only good at Stage Tango, in 2013, they won as champion of Tango Vals in the Metropolitano championship, and 3rd place in Salon in World Tango Championship.


They were dancers in the most renowned Tango Companies such as Tango x 2 , Tango Fire, Tanguera, Corporacion Tangos and Tango a Tierra, Cafe “Los Angelitos” and danced in some of the most important tango performances of the last decade. Together they travel around the world in the most important Tango Festivals in Asia and Europe. They have been judges in Preliminary of Stage category for the World Tango Championship. They are preparing choreographies for some of the top Argentinian tango dancers.


Juan and Manuela started partnering in 2012.


Juan started tango at the age of 9, he learnt Salon Tango and studied with many famous Argentine tango masters. His technique is very comprehensive, and the long-term professional training makes him comfortable with difficult skills. He has extraordinary accomplishments in both the salon tango and the stage tango. In 2006, he won 2nd place with another partner in Stage Tango of the Tango World Championship.


Manuela Rossi was a ballet dancer. At the age of 11, she began to study jazz dance and Argentine folk dance. She was admitted to the Art Academy of Cologne due to her outstanding dance skills. She then went to the American Ballet Academy to study and received a two-year scholarship from UNESCO. Later, She returned to Argentina to concentrate on the Tango skills. She was selected to be the German Volkswagen advertisement in London and invited to represent Argentina and performed at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. She won the second place with another partner in Stage Tango of the World Tango Championship for three consecutive years in 2009, 2010 and 2011.


Juan Malizia 9岁开始学习沙龙探戈,师从众多著名的阿根廷探戈大师,探戈技术非常全面,长期的专业训练使他对于高难度技巧收放自如。在沙龙探戈和舞台探戈两方面都有着超凡的造诣。




Manuela Rossi 11岁开始学习爵士舞和阿根廷民族舞,由于舞技出众,被科隆大剧院艺术学院录取,后前往美国芭蕾舞学院进修,获得了联合国科教文组织提供的长达两年的奖学金。后来,回到阿根廷潜心深造Tango技艺。参与多个知名舞团的演出,在世界巡回演出。


她于2009年、2010年、2011年曾连续三年荣获阿根廷探戈世界锦标赛舞台组亞軍,在2010年被选中在伦敦担任德国大众汽车广告 ¨Last Tango in Compton¨ 担任女主角;2010年受邀代表阿根廷在上海世博会演出。


Juan 和 Manuela 在2012年开始搭档后,开始了更加辉煌的探戈人生!




同年,他们受邀在探戈大师 Maria Nieves 和 Juan Carlos Copes 的传记电影《 Un tango más (Our Last Tango) 》中担纲主演和重要角色。

Lorena González and Gastón Camejo

Lorena and Gaston dance together since 2015, from that year, other than getting married, they have achieved to join together their artistic paths to evolve professionally. They constantly strike to accomplish a tango that does not just refer to its technical side, but that conveys artistic achievement beyond the movement.

   Lorena González Cattáneo


She gave her first steps with her maternal grandfather, with a passion for the tango dance; from him she inherited the love for this music. Following a dream she had since childhood, Lorena began to dance in 2006, devoting herself intensively to different disciplines, such as jazz, Belly dance, flamenco, salsa, and lately, tango.


One year later, her dedication and talent lead her to her first professional steps. She worked in many multicultural tango spaces or “Casas de tango” in Uruguay. Her strongest background is the fact that she worked in a traditional multicultural tango place, where the history and present of the tango montevideano of El Rio De La Plata mix and remains intact, Fun Fun. In such emblematic place she continued dancing while living in Montevideo. The tango had won her heart, although she continued to enjoy other dances too.


In 2010 she was selected to join the group of dancers of “Boom Company”, a prestigious company that was 10 years old, unique in its genre and magazine in Uruguay, a type of show that combines music and dance with dramatic elements of burlesque, vaudeville comedy and extravaganza musical, there she played for three seasons until moving to Buenos Aires.


At the same time, she taught tango lessons, belly dance and dance for girls. For a few years she traveled to Buenos Aires assiduously to train with different teachers. In 2012 she decided to move to the nearby shore to start his career there.


In 2013 she meets Gaston and that same year he moved to Buenos Aires to share their lives. In 2014 Lorena manages to present for the first time at Tango World Championship and wins first place in “pista” category, a circumstance that boost her career internationally.


It is in 2015 that Lorena and Gaston achieve and merge their artistic careers, something they dreamed since long ago and begin together to bring the tango around the world.


   Gastón Camejo


From childhood his mother and the music were his biggest influence in always staying in connection with the art. At age 17 he sees for first time a young couple from the National Folkloric Ballet of Uruguay dancing tango, and he is impressed by them. This experience highly motivated him and at age 18 he joins such organization.


During the following years, he brought the art and his profession running in parallel until in 2013, driven by his love to Lorena, he decides to leave everything behind and move to Buenos Aires. In his new country, his technique grew from experimentation to his way of living between the milongas, the rehearsal rooms and the Tango studies, in such a way that he takes the decision to devote himself entirely to the profession of dancing Tango. Today, his love for Lorena who drove him to the biggest change in his life, binds his passion to merge as a Tango couple…

Amelia Rambe & Ferrol Matthew

Amelia Rambe & Ferrol Matthew are couple from Jakarta and they are founder of Java Tango. Amelia & Matthew have been dancing together since May 2013, and have always danced in an elegant, energetic and passionate way. They are Top 5 in Mundial Tango Pista 2015 and they are Subcampeones (runner up) for Metropolitan catagory MILONGUEROS DEL MUNDO 2015 in Buenos Aires and Subcampeones for the Asian Championship 2015 in Japan.

They have performed in prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires such as La Baldosa, Malena Sunderland Milonga, Salon Canning, Confiteria Ideal and milonga “25” in villa urquiza, also they performance in El Cxuce 2017 Producer by Vanessa Villalba & Facundo Pinero in Buenos Aires.

They have performed in Tango Festival in Seoul, Moscow, Porto, New Zealand, Tokyo, Taipei, Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Malaysia, Bali and Tango On Air 2018 Shanghai Producer by Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes.

They also Teaching in New Zealand Tango Festival 2016-2018, Bangkok Tango Fiesta Festival 2017, Shanghai 2017- 2018, Wuhan (China) 2018, Kotakinabalu Malaysia 2018, Tango weekend in Rusia 2016, and Regulary in Singapore.

Akso They are teaching regularly in their school Java Tango and organise Milonga, Practica and Practilonga in Jakarta.

Gennysam &
Lily Tan

“Gen & Lily”, founders of Los Sueños has been dancing Tango together for the last 9 years. They are the icons to the Tango scenes in Singapore and the most established local teachers in town. They won the Asian Tango championship in 2018 and were finalist in the World Tango championship past few year in Buenos Aires. They are currently teaching and organize weekly Milongas in their own studio in Singapore. They also organise one of the biggest name Tango Festival in Asia. “SITF” Singapore International Tango Festival which held yearly in singapore during 1st week of october. Besides teaching tango, they have been invited to teach and perform in many festivals and events around the world and performed in many prestigious tango club in Argentina Buenos Aries.



Group Class, Milonga and Championship

 Early Bird
(Before 10 April)
(Before 9 May)
by Asian Teachers - Gen + Lily, Matthew + Amelia
Each class$200/class$240/class$300/class
by Argentine MastersT - Juan + Manuela, Gason + Lorena
1-4 classes$280/class$330/class$350/class
5-9 classes$260/class$310/class$350/class
10 classes or more$240/class$290/class$350/class
Warm up Milonga-M1
(Group of 10: $2,000)
Grand Milonga-M2
(Group of 10: $2,500)
Gran Epoca Milonga-M3
(Group of 10: $2,200)
Championship (for audience)
Championship Ticket-CH1$150$180$200
*Tickets are for viewing as audience. Participants who are joining the championship should do the championship registration online.
Tango Weekend FULL Package
3 Milongas + Championship ticket$800$950-

Championship Participants

 Before 10 AprilBefore 1 May
For each categories
*participant joining with 1 or 2 partners shall pay only 1 time for each category
Participant Combo Package
(for 2 categories + 3 milongas)
Participant Combo Package
(for 3 categories or more + 3 milongas)
Participant Combo Package
(for 4 categories or more + 3 milongas)

Private Class

For private class booking and enquiry, please send message to Lily by Whatsapp 92572195 or Facebook message, or email .


The Championship is aimed to encourage tango fellows to practice more, improve and discover their own tango through the experience and and inspiration from the process of competition. Find below for more details about HK Argentine Tango Championship 2019.


Tango Salon LOCAL Category (12 May 2019 Sunday 1-8pm) 
for local HK residence ONLY, or anyone who resided in HK more than 3 years


Tango Salon OPEN Category (12 May 2019 Sunday 1-8pm) 
for both local and overseas participants


Vals Category (12 May 2019 Sunday 1-8pm)
for both local and overseas participants


Milonga Category (12 May 2019 Sunday 1-8pm) 
for both local and overseas participants


Stage Category (12 May 2019 Sunday 1-8pm) 
for both local and overseas participants
(Participants should submit their songs or part of the songs in MP3 or other audio format to


Single (Milonguero / Milonguera) Category
(10 May 2019 Friday or 11 May 2019 Saturday 10:00-10:30pm)
(12 May 2019 Sunday Final round, time between 1-8pm)
for both local and overseas participants

*If you have special request about date of competition, please choose specific date in the online registration form. (Only 24 men and 24 women will be admitted on first-come-first-serve basis.)
*Please state your height in the online registration form as we will separate the participants into 2 groups.

Notes for registration:

  • ALL registration should be done by online registration at website.
  • Each participant should submit their own registration separately. All registration should be done before 1 May 2019.
  • Registration shall only be considered with payment completed.


Danzstage (Dstage)

Room 1-2, 20/F, 148 Electric Road, Tin Hou, HK

Dance Culture (DC)

20/F Richmond Plaza, 496 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, HK


Warm up Milonga

10 May 2019 (Friday) at 09:30pm-2:00am

*Single (Milonguero/Milonguera) category at 10:00-10:30pm

DJ: Angel Wong

Dress Code: TBC

Venue: Dance Culture – 20/F Richmond Plaza, 496 Jaffe Road,
Causeway Bay, HK

(announcement of Finalist at 11:45pm)

Grand Milonga

11 May 2019 (Saturday) at 09:30pm-2:30am

*Single (Milonguero/Milonguera) category at 10:00-10:30pm
*Performance by Juan Malizia & Manuela Rossi at 12:00am

DJ: Meng Wang

Dress Code: TBC

Venue: Danzstage – Room 1-2,20/F, 148 Electric Road,
Tin Hou, HK

HK Tango Championship 2019

12 May 2019 (Sunday) at 1-8pm

*Entrance ticket available for viewing as audience. Competition of categories: Tango Salon, Vals, Milonga, Stage and Group Formation

DJ: Rutherford Sin

Venue: Danzstage – Room 1-2,20/F, 148 Electric Road,
Tin Hou, HK

Champions Milonga

12 May 2019 (Sunday) at 09:30pm-2:30am

*Performance by Matthew & Amelia, Gen & Lily at 12:00am
*Prize presentation around 9:45pm-10:15pm

DJ: Siro Kim

Dress Code: TBC

Venue: Danzstage – Room 1-2,20/F, 148 Electric Road,
Tin Hou, HK