Private Classes

Private classes are more effective to students and couples in many ways. Some private classes have immediate impact, once they understand the concept or they feel how their body should move or response, they changed totally in just one class. Many students come to us hoping to correct some long time problems which they have struggled for a while, like, “we have problems always in Giros, can you tell us how to improve it?” or “i can never do a good boleo, can you correct me?” … and some they just come to say “i just want to improve, but i don’t know what i should do, pls tell me … ” . In many private classes, we don’t teach steps, but we teach the quality of each movement with style and feelings, and aesthetic refinement, which is not easy to be taught in group classes … So, private classes are really more effective for personal refinement.

We also do private classes for Wedding Dance and Choreography.

For the private class fee, please click the Class Fee page.

To Book a Private Class

Please send WhatsApp message to 92572195 and arrange date/time with Lily. To confirmed the booking, a $500 deposit should be made before the class start, then you can pay the remaining balance of the class or any packages after finishing the 1st class.

Cancellation Policy

As our timeslots for private lessons are limited and we always would like to fit everyone into their desirable timeslots, when there’re students who cancel the lesson on the day, it would be difficult for us and unfair to the students who requested for lessons but are rejected by us as we don’t have timeslots for them, like some overseas visitors who only come to HK over the weekend once in a while, and some others who need to take leave from work to take the lessons because our timeslots during weekends or at nite time are full. Due to the above reason, we would like to introduce a cancellation policy for private lessons. All cancellation or changes of time of classes must be informed 48 hours in advance. If not, you will have to incur the cost of studio fee plus 50% of the instructor’s fee.

Please help us by keeping the schedule once it’s confirmed, or informing us any changes well in advance so that we can rearrange our other students if you cancelled or moved your timeslots. We hope you can understand this. Thanks a lot!